Sunday, July 11, 2010

That Which We Need (The Woes)

I've decided to let everyone in on our financial woes. They're not woes in the traditional sense, but woes in the sense that they are what is standing in the way of us pursuing further seasons of Remnants as well as any future film projects.

Here is the reasonablly short list of things we need (and are currently raising money to purchase). I've included links so you can check the equipment for yourself.

1 Shotgun Mic Kit - 599.95

Which, for those of you interested in the math, brings us to $2,058.68
We have raised $603.28
We are 29% there.

July 12 UPDATE!!

A very fine couple (who shall remain nameless until I have their permission to tell the world what they just did) read my blog and said they'd be happy to match what I've already raised!

Which means we have now raised $1,203.28
We are 58% there!
Which means right now, we could buy the camera, the spare batteries and a couple of memory cards.

God is so good.

July 13th UPDATE!!

Took in 92 of my comic books/grapic novels/trade paper backs and made $275.23.

Which means we now have $1478.51
Which means we're 72% there!

If you have that other 28%, or a portion of that 28% and would like to help, do let me know!


  1. Just so you know, I purchased the H4n audio recorder for the Lincoln shoot I did this summer. So, that is a borrowable piece of equipment for you (and potentially $299 less that you need to raise).

  2. Might I also suggest that you only need 1 card reader potentially, so you could save another $16.14 by getting three of these instead of four with the readers:

  3. Do you have a boom mic for your H4n?

  4. No, just the recorder. So you still need the mic kit. And something like this if you feel like adding an additional $15.49 to your budget now that I've saved you $315.14. Basically, the H4n has a microphone stand adapter that makes on set usage very nice. It doesn't have to be that mic stand, any old mic stand will do. Makes it kind of like a tripod for the audio recording setup, so staging of sound is a lot easier.

  5. As a note, one with legs rather than a round base would probably be better for field conditions. Also, if you added a telescoping arm (like this one: - $24.99) then it could also double as a china ball stand or something in a pinch.