Friday, July 16, 2010


So far in the Acquiring of the Hardware That I Need the only hiccup I've run into is I accidentally bought the wrong memory cards for the camera -- if only the hiccup I ran into was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. The stories he could tell me! But alas, it was not he that I ran into, instead if was memory cards that couldn't record HD video fast enough. *sigh*

I returned the memory cards and got some newer and more improved memory cards and they seem to be working just fine. Upon returning home I also ordered the boom mic kit that I needed. So, with the thousands of dollars I spent this week, and Loren's editing equipment and audio recorder, we're ready to be making movies again (or anytime we want, really).

So I'm back to writing now. But knowing that I have all this equipment at my disposal has changed the feeling of writing. Now writing has a very clear purpose and a very clear end. Everything I write, I can shoot! And not in some far-off mystery land veiled in fog and guarded by untrained dragons. I could write something today and shoot it tomorrow!

If tomorrow wasn't Sabbath.
And if I could get the actors and crew together that I needed.
But I could do it!

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