Monday, July 12, 2010

Sacrifices, part 2

I'm beginning to think God had bigger plans for me than the Create Here grant would have allowed. When I got my rejection letter, my mom said, "that just tells me that there's something bigger or better out there for you." I knew she was trying to comfort me and I knew she believed what she was saying, but it did little in the way of taking away the sting of rejection.

But now here I sit, 196 movies poorer and 1200 dollars richer. I can't help but feel that I've been rewarded for stepping out in faith. I've declared my priorities, my passion, and my desire, and the money which I made from the initial sale of movies doubled in less than 24 hours. And then 20 extra dollars came forth. And now, the very fine Rick Hardaway (who plays General Rhodes), having heard all this, has promised another 100 dollars to the fund.

So I'm doing it again. Or still. Or . . . actually I'm not sure what tense to use, but tomorrow I'm taking in all my graphic novels and trade paper backs. Good-bye Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, and Batman. We'll meet again, I'm sure. But right now I'd rather be making movies and telling stories than stockpiling your old tales.

Just as with the movies, there are a couple I'm holding onto. But right now I'm looking at nine grocery bags full of hardback books that I'm trading in for cold, hard cash. Because I'm committed to this. I was created for and called to a very specific purpose and I'm not going to let something as petty as money get in the way.

UPDATE: Made $275.23 from my 92 books.

Which means we now have $1478.51
Which means we're 72% there!

If you have that other 28%, or a portion of that 28% and would like to help, do let me know!

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