Friday, July 23, 2010

Libertas Picture Company

So as we tie up a neat little bow on phase 1, it's time to move on to phase 2. "What?!" I hear you say. "There's phases to this thing?" Indeed there are, Inquisitive Reader.

I now have the equipment and capability to shoot movies, music videos, web series, and/or anything else our imaginations and cook up. And so I would like to open the doors of the Libertas Picture Company.

If you live in the greater Chattanooga area, and have a story you'd like to tell, but up till now haven't had the equipment you've needed to do so, well it's time for you to look me up. Since film has all but gone the way of the cassette tape, I'm not going to call Libertas Picture Company a film studio. No, it's a story-telling studio. What stories do you have? What ideas do you have peculating?

Have a song that needs a music video? Have a short film idea that needs capturing? Have an idea for an ongoing web series? Have a feature-length film script that's just collecting dust?

Contact me via this blog, via Facebook, or e-mail me at and let's see if we can't get your story told.

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