Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

Three days in and I can't believe it's only Tuesday.

Friday went fantastic. We had two cameras to speed up production, but the soggy ground and shooting in the confines of a car set us back. In the end, we stayed right on schedule, beginning and ending right when we said we would -- which is good. Which is fantastic. I had hoped that we would end sooner, what with us using two cameras, but -- again -- shooting around the frame of a car severely limits the amount of interesting angles one can get. And with such limited space, it's harder to choreograph two cameras at once. But the day went well. Matt and Bri were fantastic.

Saturday we relaxed. Come sundown, we went to house we would be shooting in (thanks again, Erika and Brian!) and prepped it for Sunday. Not much had to be done. The house was dressed. We just needed to clear paths for the camera and make sure family photos weren't going to be in too many shots. Of course, since our two stars are actually brother and sister, and it's their house we were shooting in, some family photos were okay.

Sunday was a long and fast day. We began at 9am and wrapped at 4:20pm. We had scheduled all of the mother's scenes (played by Nina Jones) for that day and so we were able to complete all of Episode 3 and then bits and chunks from about half of the other scripts. We were at our most efficient on Sunday and it paid off. By 4:30 we were headed home, absolutely exhausted.

It's an interesting kind of exhaustion that comes from a film set. We weren't physically exhausted, but were mentally depleted. Loren was in bed by 8pm and Kelly and I followed suit at 10pm (couldn't miss Big Love).

Monday went swimmingly -- and I wish that were a pun. The ground was slick and moist, but no awful puddles prevented us from doing what we needed to do. It was a more physical day, involving a big chase sequence. We weren't as efficient as we had been on Sunday, and so our arch nemesis reared its ugly head.

Time. Time will always be against us. We have to find a way to stay proactive and efficient with our time. Otherwise we're going to hit the end of the week and have big chunks of episodes that still need completion.

I have faith in us and our crew, so all this wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff doesn't scare me.

Just worries me.

A little.

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