Friday, January 21, 2011

the music of episode 1

We used the following songs in episode 1 of The Ruffians. I want to provide links so that if you like them, you can find them and purchase them.

James Horner has been one of my favorite composers since high school. His score to Braveheart just about changed my life. Episode 1 begins with his haunting "Main Title" from Patriot Games. I've had this album in my collection for probably fifteen years. The whole thing's great and very Horner-esque. You can find the album on Amazon.

During the discussion, "The Drop" by Harry Gregson-Williams plays. It's from his score to Man on Fire. If you haven't sat down and listened to any of Gregson-Williams' music, you're really missing out. He composed the scores to Spy Games, the first two Narnia movies, Man on Fire, and contributed to The Rock (along with Hans Zimmer and Nick Glennie-Smith, if memory serves). I don't remember where I bought this album (I think I found it at a second-hand music shop), but you can find it on Amazon.

The "slow-motion, bad-ass walking" music that closes the episode is "Young Men Dead," by The Black Angels. This is their official website. I purchased the song off iTunes (after, yes, admittedly, hearing it in the Fable III commercial).

I highly recommend them. Add them to your playlists today.

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