Friday, January 7, 2011

Drafts & Breaks

Taking a break from writing 3 scripts.

Since rehearsals began on episode 1, First Impressions, I've been tweaking the dialog. There's a joke that wasn't working in the final scene. There was some exposition that needed to be added in the second scene. The entire opening sequence didn't work and was confusing.

In between drafts of episode 1, I've been working on subsequent drafts of episode 2, Small Mercies. The struggle with that script is all about finding the right tone. It helped once I identified what tone I wanted, because then I was able to sit back and figure out what events and bits of dialogue would help me arrive at said tone. And it was at work tonight that I finally figured out how to end the episode. And I'm sure it'll all change once rehearsals begin.

The final episode, episode 6, is still a very distant thing. But I'm slowly drafting the opening sequence of it as well. It's a lighter, sweeter opening than any of the other episodes, so I escape to it when the darkness and/or cynicism of the other episodes get me down.

It's coming together nicely and I'm excited to see how it all turns out but I'm most curious to see/hear people's reactions to it. It's rather unlike anything else I've ever done before.

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