Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOST Thoughts: The Untold Adventures of Ben & Hurley

Like the previous LOST Thought (and those forthcoming) there be spoilers here!

HURLEY: You were a great Number Two.
BEN: And you were a great Number One, Hugo.

I've never been one for fan fiction*, but I have to believe that all over the world right now, people are writing the Untold Adventures of Ben & Hurley. Reading between the lines, those two sentences tell such a wonderful story.

Never mind how wonderful that closure is for both characters. What my mind is whirring at is what happened next. The last we saw them, Hurley had become the NewJacob (or the New Jack) and had offered something of a partnership to Ben -- making him the New (and Surprisingly Kinder and Gentler) Man in Black.

I'm not convinced Jack gave Hurley the conditional immortality that Jacob gave Jack, since Jack didn't pray over the water in the same way Jacob did. But if he did, did Hurley offer Ben that immortality? What was their final story? There seemed to be no animosity between the two of them, so I'm assuming their story didn't play out like the Jacob Brothers' did. Did more people discover the island? How did that dynamic play out? Did Hurley protect the island while Ben tested the survivors? And if they're in the Great Beyond now, who's protecting the light at the end of the tunnel?

Two sentences. Endless possibilities . . . including possible fodder for spin-off movies, novels, and TV shows . . .

*Okay, that's not true. In high school I wrote a bunch of Star Wars stories, but never about any characters you might know. I created my own characters and placed them in the Star Wars universe. Trying to tell untold stories of Luke, Leia and Han never interested me because in the back of my head, I would always know that those stories never happened. What happened was in the movies or in the books or in the video games. The rest is just nerdist conjecture.

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