Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Artist Needed!

As I begin the second draft of Phileas Reid Knows We're Not Alone, I want to get the ball rolling on the next step, which is publication.  The dream, of course, is to be able to walk into any given book store and find copies of this adventure in the young adult section -- which means I'm preparing myself for a lot of rejection letters from a lot of major publishing companies.

But I want them to understand what they'll be saying "no" to, should they -- when they -- opt to say "no."  I want to put together a mock book for them.  I'll send the manuscript in several formats for their own ease of reading, but I also want to send them the most complete idea of what the book could and can be.  I also want to edit together a teaser trailer/pitch for them to watch, using all this same art.  I want it to be hard for them to say "no, thanks."

Which brings me to the subject line of this post:  I need an artist.  You don't need to have any kind of professional experience.  This is going to be my first book, it could be your first book too.  I'm looking for strong character and graphic design.

Because, ultimately, everyone might say "no" to this book.  But I believe in it.  I believe in the characters and I believe in the story.  While still a bit rough, I think it's great.  So if the publishers don't want it, we're going to Kickstart or Indiegogo or fundraise it ourselves and publish and sell it ourselves.  And if that's what happens, we'll already have the cover art.

So if you're interested, or know someone you think might be interested, please pass this blog post on.  You, or they, can contact me at tsfog@gmail.com.  We'll discuss terms, rates, and swap ideas to find out if this is the right project for us.


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