Friday, November 5, 2010

gout has its advantages

Gout is an awful, horrible, terrible thing that I would only wish on the worst human being. Actually, that's not true. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I might like to contact the worst human beings and let them know that as terrible as they are, I would never wish gout on them. That would have to mess with their heads a little bit.

But it has its advantages. It makes you stop absolutely everything you're doing and sit down. I'm on allopurinal, which largely stops the gout from flaring up, but every once in a while, the uric acid sneaks by it, builds up and I'll have a random flare up. It's exciting and unpredictable like that.

Exciting, unpredictable, and mind-cleavingly painful.

I wrote a lot today, though. I wonder how many writers have (or had) gout? I got a lot of writing done today. I've been working on this little love story over at Happy Valley and I'm really excited to see where it's going. I have the next three chapters of their story written and I really can't wait to unleash them. Not the next chapter, but the one after that, I wrote and re-wrote four times today. Every draft was better than the last, but it just wasn't getting there. It took time. I would break between the drafts, listen to some music, watch some Community, and then go back to it.

The next chapter comes out tomorrow. Actually, now that I see the time, it comes out today. In about ten hours. It's a short, quiet chapter called A Quiet Drive. But I quite like it. Here's hoping other people like it, too.

Who am I kidding? Here's hoping other people read it.


  1. Dude...I am sorry to hear about your gout. But, pleasantly surprised to hear about your writings. The Venusian story was good. I quite liked it.