Monday, April 26, 2010

insomnia and season 4

Can't sleep.

Can't sleep and don't know why. Have Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" stuck in my head and don't know why.

I've been thinking about Remnants a lot lately -- the big picture, I mean. Season 2 will complete the story began in Season 1 and while the big picture story will continue rolling forward, Season 3 will be a very different web series than Season 1 and 2. What I mean by that is that in Season 1 we're introduced to the Fisher family and through them we learn of Libertas. In Season 2 we actually get to meet Libertas and we generally wrap up the Fisher family story. Season 3 will be all about Libertas and will be all-out war. The involvement the Fishers have with the war is up to them and I'm going to discuss that with the actors playing the Fishers.

I have plans for the Fishers and want them in the entire series. I want to see the war through their eyes, but I understand that since Remnants is not a paying gig, a great multitude of things take a higher priority.

And today I had an idea for Season 4. It would start with a game-changer that I'm not entirely willing to reveal at this moment but it's not entirely dissimilar to the start of Season 2 of LOST. That was the beginning of the insanity. Sure, there were questions all throughout Season 1, but there was no Desmond! I'm pretty willing to post whatever on this blog, but there are somethings I'm not going to reveal just yet.

Don't worry, faithful reader. You'll know first. Before anyone else, I'll clue you in.

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