Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So Season 1 is all but wrapped. We have two scenes that still have to be filmed and we're checking our calendars and seeing what will work even as I blog to you about it.

It's a strange lull. I want to say production is wrapped, but we still have these two little scenes to shoot. We couldn't shoot them last week because our actors weren't in town -- which we knew and had planned for. And we were fine with it because we knew last week was going to be crazy enough.

And boy was last week was crazy. But by the grace of God, we stayed on schedule. We accomplished everything we set out to do. I was worried about time and overlapping schedules, but in the midst of the storm, a great calm came. Every actor and every crew member showed up if not punctually, completely early. I watched last week pass by me in absolute amazement. No-one called to cancel. No-one got stuck in traffic. One actor did get lost on his way to the set, but we were able to save him from deepest, darkest Apison before too much damage was done.

And the snow! The snow was a complete Godsend. If anyone was harmed, injured, or waylaid by the snow, I'm very sorry. But it was just what I and our web series needed. Not only does it add the kind of atmosphere to our climax that money can't buy, but it actually allowed several of our crew members and one of our actors to stay on set for a couple extra hours, allowing us to get all the shots we needed. It was wonderful, it was beautiful, and I was on my knees in thanksgiving later that night.

So Season 1 is very nearly wrapped. Loren is in Nashville right now, editing -- if he's not playing Mass Effect 2. And in the near future (the next week or so), he'll be back down here and we'll be shooting the ever-important second episode.

I can't wait and I'll keep you posted.

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