Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken

It looks like I'm going to be spending a good portion of my day tomorrow with Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, two heroes of mine. I've been wanting to meet Derek for some time now. I've just wanted to shake his hand and say, "thank-you and keep it up."

I discovered his music at a very important point in my life and it has influenced me in truly immeasurable ways. Its his music that gets me through the week. I listen to him in the car and on my iPod. When I'm writing or brainstorming or reading.

For some people it's The Beatles or Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash. Even if I outgrow him or he goes down a musical path I don't care to venture down, for me it'll always be Derek Webb. His style and content was clearly born out of a love for 60's protest music and it has spoken to me, challenged me, brought me to tears, and comforted me in my darkest of days.

In a big, heady sense it was through his music that I was able to define my artistic identity. On a smaller level, it was comforting to know someone was successfully doing in music what I was hoping to do in film.

I just hope I don't make myself look like an idiot.

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