Sunday, February 20, 2011

BORING DVD ART: The Matrix Revolutions

All the Matrix movies had amazing art campaigns. I was especially fond of The Matrix Reloaded poster series that displayed all the new and returning characters predominately on a white background while cutting off the character's head. There was something really eye-catching about those. It made you want to see more. The Matrix Revolutions poster art wasn't as daring as Reloaded's, but they definitely foreshadowed the epic nature of the trilogy's conclusion.

But then it came time for the DVD art and . . . it was as if they just stopped caring. While the two original movies displayed the three heroes predominately, the third DVD just slapped four of the posters together. And while this does reflect the splintered hodge-podge mess that is the third movie, is this the laziness you want representing your movie? I'd like to call it artistic schizophrenia, but it's really just lazy.


  1. I walked out of this movie because I was bored out of my mind...hmmm. Yeah. I agree with your thoughts on this Scott. Boring boring boring...

    Just think if it were a VHS box cover. Most of those throught the 80's were aces! They made you WANT to watch a crappy movie. After Scream came out it seemed like everyone jumped on that band wagon for disposable cover art and made the cooler Scream covers not so unique and special anymore.

  2. "thru out" are the words I was looking for...not the made up one - my bad.