Sunday, December 20, 2009


We have no budget for Remnants. And I don't mean that in the Hollywood sense of having "no budget" -- where "no budget" means something made for less than thirty million dollars. Do you have any idea how easy Season 1 of Remnants would be if we had even a thousand dollars? When I say we have no budget, I mean we have no budget. Any money we spend is coming directly out of our own wallets. So the goal of this first season is to spend no money and make some money.

We're still trying to figure out how to monetize this, especially since we want to offer the shows for free. But two early ideas we had was selling the soundtrack as a direct digital download and selling Remnants merchandise. One such piece of Remnants merchandise already exists: The Liberty shirt.

It's a shirt that Annabelle, a member of the secret organization Libertas, will wear early in the show. It features a graphic novel-esque rendering of Lady Liberty (drawn by one Melody George). The hope, obviously, is that people will see her wearing it and go, "hey, I like that. I'd wear that." And then will seek out said shirt. The shirt is now available at Printfection. Other designs (the Remnants logo, the Libertas logo) will come later. We get $2 per sale.

Every little bit helps.

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